How to read a woman’s mind? Pandora’s Box system

Have you experienced story like this:
Some of your friends meet up with a girl and on the next day they “seal the deal” so to say. You meet a girl, and after two weeks you barely managed to land a kiss. And in any way you are no less charming than your friend. This can really hurt your ability as a man.

Then why such things happen?

As some guru’s probably won’t tell you, there are things that are not under your control. The personality type of the woman for example. Not knowing how to read woman’s mind so to say might cause such effect. Think about it for a while – is your brother the same as you? How about your cousin? And your friends? Probably not. As most people are motivated and interested in different things, women, similar to this, have different view on the whole dating scene.

If you are interested in personality types you already know how much can people be different. Using the same approach on different women won’t give you the same results for sure. Some will respond very well, other will be neutral, third might even get offended!

However there is way to pinpoint important traits so you know what type of woman is in front of you


This will help you tailor your style to the current woman. Some will think you are very aggressive if you for example try to touch her too soon. Other will find you wussy or probably not interested if you don’t advance on your 2nd date. You can even decide to cut a chase if particular woman is too different from what you need right now.

Pandora’s Box is Vin DiCarlo’s system to quickly find out the personality type of a woman. This is specifically made for dating topic. For example her sexual preferences, her way of seeing her as a part of long term relationship, how she manages boyfriends. Take a minute and read my review of the Pandora’s Box system.

I am very interested in the whole personality types topic and after few months of observing and testing I have to say – Pandora’s Box is quite accurate! It really fills the gap why some interactions go one way and some completely differently.