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love is just through the stomach to connect things in common. If you meet like-minded people while cooking, you do not have to worry about embarrassing conversation breaks. Completely informal kitchen service Nothing is worse than sitting opposite each other at the first meeting and not knowing what to talk about.

Or do not know where to go with your hands. With Cook and Date these hurdles are easily overcome. Together they conjure up multi-course menus, not only talking about cooking, but also coming to other topics automatically.

The atmosphere is very relaxed. You work together as a team and get close to it. A tasteful date The cooking club is offered in many cities by larger restaurants or hotels. The event lasts about four hours. It is aimed at singles who want to connect the date with meaningful creativity and want to make sure that they meet with like-minded people. At Cook and Date the tastes are united.

Not only on culinary level similarities can be found. You can already test whether you harmonize as a team. Every step is done together. It is snipped, fried and seasoned.

Incidentally, one may flirt properly, which goes in the relaxed environment as if by itself. When tasting the food you reach each other the tasting spoon and put always small snacks in the mouth. That’s the way to get along in a completely informal and above all humorous way. It is served Of course, after work is done on the table together.

At least now, initial shyness and inhibitions have completely dissolved. The mood is at its peak, and one can toast to his getting to know each other. If you get hungry for more, spend the rest of the evening in twos. By the way, you do not have to worry about washing dishes! [embedded content]

Blind Date | Dating for singles Blind Date

Anyone who knows only from chat rooms, letters or flirt lines, will expect the first meeting with great excitement. If the impressions and ideas that have arisen actually coincide with reality, then you have to expect the worst. Meet with the Unknown Blind Date is unlikely to have been encountered in real life.

You just know each other from emails, chats, or maybe you’ve talked on the phone before.

Here is already the first impression, you already know about some preferences of the other, may have already exchanged photos. For the Blind Date, we recommend a neutral place such as a restaurant or even a park that is not too deserted. Since you actually do not know, you agreed before a distinctive sign. It does not have to be the classic flower in the buttonhole or the newspaper under your arm, the distinguishing feature can also be quite funny. The imagination knows no limits.

The pitfalls of Blind Date You really do not know who or what is coming to you. That’s the really exciting thing about this form of clash. Many hopes and expectations are put into it.

The date can be a complete success. If not a love relationship is created, then maybe at least a good friendship. But there can also be nasty surprises when, for example, the supposedly sporty, good-looking man is suddenly neither attractive nor nice.

If one does not like the other from the outset, it is important to keep a cool head and to stop the meeting immediately. It is also advisable not to schedule the dates with unknown persons in your own home. Blind Erotic Many Blind Dates take place with the clear intention of a One Night Stand. However, this intention should be announced on both sides in good time. Otherwise, the disappointment is more than big in the end. Image: © Ron Chapple Studios / ThinkStock [embedded content]

Relationship Tips | Dating for singles relationship tips

This is how the man stays – The most important relationship tips Men want to be needed, but also value independence and their personal freedom. Relationship Tips for a Working Partnership The times when gender-specific roles have been assigned are over. Today, both men and women are both-legged and true to their own interests. Relationships are a mutual give and take, they live on the freedom one grants to one’s partner and at the same time signals full trust. You do not have to do everything together to live together.

Freiraum is just as important as the shared cuddle time. Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship. Men like to go out on their own and want to have time for their hobbies and friends. Anyone who tries to cling to a man, puts pressure on him or even spies on him seriously jeopardizes the relationship.

Disputes Anyone who claims that a harmonious relationship can manage without arguments is wrong. In every well-functioning partnership, there are occasional differences of opinion. Popular topics are the household, money or of course jealousy. It is important that they talk about it in peace, that everyone can contribute their wishes and ideas. One should never overwhelm each other with reproaches, but prefer to exercise constructive criticism.

Also, you must not wait too long, if you realize that something is wrong in the relationship.

Anyone who carries his anger around for a long time and swallows it, will sooner or later vent his frustration in a loud argument, where it may then say things that will later be regretted. Sex as a topic of discussion To a good relationship of course also includes sex. What is too much for one is often not enough for the other. Some partners also complain about monotony, but do not dare to voice their wishes. Only honest pronunciation helps here.

Drive-In Theater | Dating for singles drive-in cinema

Drive-in cinema – where the movie becomes a minor matter In the drive-in movie you drive less of the movie because, but in order to be able to approach undisturbed.

Smooch instead of watching Classic cinema is a popular meeting place for a first date. You do not feel compelled to do small talk, but you can focus on the movie to have a conversation later. Of course you can get closer in the dark. But it lacks the informality. The drive-in cinema is for data rather something for the advanced and cuddly. In cult cinema from the fifties and sixties of the 20th century you are completely alone.

What is shown on the screen is irrelevant, especially since sound and picture quality are not the best anyway. You can talk without disturbing your neighbor. Smokers do not have to pay attention Chip bags can rustle. You can smooch without being watched because the chances of getting the same in the car next door are relatively high. Tips for a romantic visit to the drive-in cinema Drinks and snacks are the best way to get the classic cinema atmosphere into the car.

It is best to stand in the last row. In the so-called “Love Lane” one is most undisturbed.

Rainy weather enhances the romance. If the drops patter on the car roof and the windows fog up eventually, the need for cuddling naturally increases. Anything that goes beyond the kissing violates the good manners and the organizer’s terms of use – at least theoretically.

But one must be completely uninhibited when smooching. Just be careful that you do not accidentally press the horn too often. Car cinemas have become relatively rare compared to previous years and have a slightly disreputable reputation. In Germany, there are only about twenty car cinemas, including in Essen, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin and Aschheim. [embedded content]

How To Find Your Perfect Man

Most women are looking for a perfect man, even when you have a man you may tend to seek perfection in him. But, in truth there are no perfect men, every man has faults and deficiencies of some kind. So, is it possible to find a perfect man? No. But it is possible to find the perfect man for you. There’s a huge difference. Every woman has some idea of what would make a man perfect, but since each person is different this qualities differ from woman to woman.

To find your perfect man, you need to look for someone who you will be happy with long and short-term. You need to compile a list of what you want or don’t want. List all the things you seek in a man, then cut that list down to around 5 and then put those in order of importance. Then do the same with a list of things you don’t want in a man.

Now let’s focus on you. What do you have to offer a man. Write a list of where you are now, first a list of things that may attract someone. These are the qualities that people tell you, that you have. Such as being a great conversationalist, outgoing, and active. Then write a list of qualities that may not attract someone. These can be things such as being a workaholic, being unemployed, a single mother, overweight, too tall, too short. Anything that you can think of that may have led to rejection during your search for a perfect man.

Now you need a list of what’s important to you.

The things that really matter. The dealmakers and the dealbreakers. Dealbreaker can be things such as marital status, drinking or smoking, anything that you could not see yourself accepting in a man, no matter how great he is. Dealmakers are things that can make someone you might not otherwise date, seem worth your time. These can be things such as shared interests, children, or religion. Once again make this a short list and then number them in order of importance.

Remember to look at the lists of things you have to offer.

Your lists should match up. Don’t look for a man who is not looking for you. If he doesn’t want children and you have children, don’t think he’ll change. If you’re a workaholic, don’t list spending time together, unless you’ll really make the time to do it. If you don’t want children now, will you in the future, which may make not wanting children at all, a dealbreaker.

To find your perfect man you need to start looking at these lists. As you learn more about a man tick off the items on the list. Pay close attention to the dealbreakers and the things you don’t want. It’s easy to let a man’s looks tempt you into forgetting your list. Remember looking for your perfect man is not about immediate gratification, it’s about long-term happiness.

Compromising on the things you want will only lead to resentment if you begin a relationship.

Don’t think you can change someone. The time and energy you would spend trying to change them could have been spent with a man that’s already what you’re looking for.

Don’t expect this to happen quickly. It can, that’s always possible. But you need to be patient. You may need to kiss many frogs to get your prince, but by sticking to your lists you can drop some of the frogs before you pucker up.

Most women are looking for a perfect man, even when you’re in a realtionship, you may seek perfection  in your partner.

I  there is no perfect man, every man has flaws, faults, and deficiencies of some kind. So, is it possible to find a perfect man? No. However, it is possible to find the perfect man for you. There’s a huge difference. Every woman has some idea of what would make a man perfect, but since each person is different these qualities differ from woman to woman.

How To End Your Toxic Relationship and Get Back Your Life

Are you in a toxic relationship? Do you want to end it, but not sure how?
Toxic relationship can cause harm to you, physically and emotionally.
Dating is the time when most people put their best foot forward. So if you are seeing the warning signs of a toxic relationship, it’s to end it. Heal. And move on with your life.

Here are some steps to help you recognize and end a toxic relationship:

Recognize there is a problem. It’s easy to overlook the things he does because you’re attracted to him. But if you’re not having your needs met. Not receiving the care and respect that you deserve. Take off the rose-colored glasses and see the situation for what it is. You need to admit that a problem exists before you can solve it.


Does he criticize, complain, drain, shame or blame you for everything that happens in his life. That’s only a few of the warning signs of a toxic relationship. If you see the signs now things are not going to get any better.

Assess the Situation: You need to decide if the positives of your relationship, outweigh the negative. You need to see the true emotional cost of staying in this relationship. If you can’t do that, it’ll be hard to prove to yourself the reason you want to end your relationship.


Talk to him. Be as neutral as you can. Don’t get angry. Don’t cry.Tell him what’s bothering you about his behavior and how it makes you feel. You can ask him to change the behavior if you want to give the relationship a chance. If not, make a clean break.

Separation: Get away. You need to heal. Even a few days in a toxic relationship can cause damage. Find your happiness again. Rebuild your self-esteem. Take time to assess what’s important to you. Build a support network of friends and family. And look at why you accepted this toxic man into your life.

Rules and Limits:

Set clear rules and limits. Set a standard of behavior for yourself and any man you allow into your life. Make a commitment to rebuild your life and end your other toxic relationships. If that means getting professional help or joining a support group, do it. Do whatever you need to make sure that all of your future relationships are healthy.

Zero-Tolerance: In time your rules and limits will become part of your life. Your boundaries will be tested. Have a zero-tolerance policy for toxic people. Never tolerate situations where your self-esteem and self-worth are trudged upon by anyone. Always be on the lookout for these negative people and be ready to remove them from your life as soon as you can.
Following these steps will allow you to end your toxic relationship. Regain your life.

And be ready for making healthy relationship choices.

Psychologist Dr. Lillian Glass, author of “Toxic People,” says you are in a toxic relationship if you feel dragged down, angry, worn out, deflated, belittled or confused when interacting with a person. A healthy relationship, conversely, makes you feel energized, powerful and good about yourself.

Which one do you want? photo courtesy of tibchris From Mr. Wrong to Mr. Right

Stop getting involved with the wrong men and attract the man of your dreams!

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How To Dump Some of Your Emotional Baggage Before You Find New Love

Whether you were the dumper or the dumpee, most of us carry resentment from past relationships. Dumping some of this emotional baggage is not easy, but it will open the space in your life that you need to bring in new love. But it’s not only our romantic relationships that give us emotional baggage. So, remember to think of all aspects of your life when reading this.
Unresolved Conflicts.

Are there people you need to clear the air with.

Are you harboring resentment, hurt or pain when you think of someone or hear their name mentioned. You can write a letter telling them you’d like to meet to talk about what happened or write the letter for yourself.

One things you need to do is put into words the positive things that person did in your life, what you learned from that person and your relationship and what positive qualities they have. Remember many times your negative feelings about someone can make you forget the positive things about them.

Maybe you feel guilty about something you’ve done in your past.

Again, you may not want to or can’t meet with that person. Write an apology, Be specific. You can decide if you want to mail it, or you can burn it or save it. Whatever you do with the letter remember you need to let go of the guilty feelings. You can’t change your past or the things that you’ve done to others, but you can take the steps you need to accept responsibility for the things you’ve done.


If you still feel pain in your heart when you find something that belongs to a person or a past relationship, then you haven’t finished your grieving process. If you still tear up when you think about that person or hear their name you’re still grieving the loss of that person or that relationship with that person. It’s normal to feel that way. There is no time-frame for grieving.

Each of us grieves in our own way.

It doesn’t matter how long you were in the relationship, or what kind of relationship it was, it depends on you and how you feel.  Getting support from people who care about you can help as Charlie Walton says in his book When There Are No Words, ” Someone who loves you a lot wants desperately to lessen your pain.” This is something you’ll have to work through, but you don’t need to work through it along. But know that you must complete the grieving process to move on to new experiences.

This can be a short process for some and longer for others.

But dealing with this unfinished business will not only change how you feel about these people and situations, but it will also change the way you see yourself and you life.

If you find that this process if too hard for you or brings up things that you feel are too traumatic, I suggest that you seek professional help in dealing with it. Remember you need to be in control of your life and do the things that make your life better. Learn to accept your past and move past it for a better life. Working through your emotional baggage will open up space in your life to find love and make you a better person.

How To Flirt With Men Without Appearing Easy

Many women wonder how to flirt with men without looking as if they’re want to get “picked up.” With modern-day beliefs and values this can be hard.

The attitude of some men, who are only looking for a sex partner, can be another problem.

These men are the ones that make flirting difficult because they see any sign of friendliness as an invitation. But don’t be discouraged, there are many men who you can flirt with safely and not seem as if you want a one night stand.

As important as how you flirt is where you flirt.

The places you flirt influence how men perceive your intentions. Flirting with someone when you’re on line at the supermarket or post office, he’ll know you’re not going to hop into bed with him. If you meet an attractive man during your daily errands, you should feel safe trying to flirt with him. He would assume you’re trying to be friendly.When you know how to flirt with men in these places, it allows you to safely meet new men and become comfortable talking to men you don’t know.

But, his view of you can change drastically if you’re in a nightclub or a bar. These are “pick up spots” as far as most men are concerned. This is where they hook up with women. So if you’re flirting with men at these places, you can expect the flirting to get pretty intense, since these men hope you’re looking for more than friendliness. No matter it you try to be subtle you, most of the men you meet at a bar or nightclub will see any flirting as a sign that they should try to make it more than you intended. Knowing how to flirt and how not to flirt in these situations will help you learn how to adapt and change your flirting style as needed.

Obviously, it’s best to start by flirting subtly with people during your daily activities.

Start with a smile. Give a small smile while glancing up at a man, with fixing your eyes on his. This is a sign that you think he’s interesting, that you want to flirt with him. You learn flirting by practicing and honing  your flirting skills, after a while these things become second nature. As you learn how to flirt you want to appear friendly, this is not only the correct way to flirt, it also won’t make you look easy.

A great smile and good sense of humor are the easiest way to look friendly. This is a wonderful combination to practice. Humor is a n excellent way to keep things light, flirting should not be serious. As you learn how to flirt remember to use humor and a smile at every opportunity.

How do you know you’ve mastered the art of flirting, simple, when a man doesn’t return your interest and it doesn’t bother you, then you’ve mastered how to flirt with men.

This is when you’re not trying to flirt, your actions are not a natural part of how you communicate. Men will see that you’re not trying to hit on them, they will intuitively know that this is part of who you are. You know how to flirt and still remain in control, without looking easy.

I’m Over 50, Should I Still Be Dating?

For most people, dating over 50 is unheard of because they feel like they have been there done that. In addition, they probably have a few grown up kids, a previous marriage. Should these things affect your dating life? Absolutely not! If you are single and looking for love in your 50’s here are a few tips to help you get back out there.

Forget About The Past

There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone that is stuck in the past. No one wants to hear about all the problems you had in your previous relationship and your sad sob story about all of the bad luck you have with dating.

Focus on the future and the positive things in your life. Everyone has issues, but how you address them is what will separate you from the next man. Show your date that you are happy to be out with them and that you have the ability to live in the present.

Refresh Your Wardrobe

It’s likely you haven’t been on a date in many years and the clothes in your wardrobe will surely reflect it. I am not saying you need to throw all of your favorite clothes away, but you do need to go shopping and buy some new clothes. You don’t want to take your new date out in the same shirt you had on when your kids were born. With new clothes, comes a new positive attitude, so freshen up!

Give Her Your Full Attention

Ladies love it when they know you are all about them. Take her on a date to a nice quiet place where you can and hear everything she is saying. Give her lots of attention and ever so often repeat something she said earlier in the conversation so she knows you are a good listener. Giving her your undivided attention is one of the easiest ways to win her heart.

Tell Her How You Feel

No need to beat around the bush these days. You both are at a point in life to where you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner. If she shows you those qualities right off the bat, tell her how you feel about her. Make sure she clearly knows you are interested and want to see her again. Failing to do so may result in her being with someone else.

Consider Going Online

Online dating is no longer just for young people. Studies show that a whopping 45% of all senior citizens actively engage in some form of social media. This means you could certainly find your match online. Find a good dating site and get signed up. Once you get approved you will need to create your dating profile with a picture and a little bit of information about yourself. If you are not sure how to do this, just look at other dating profile examples for help.

Dating over 50 can be just as fun as dating in your 20’s. Take some time to explore your options and then take action! Thanks for reading and I hope you come back again.

Is Your Approach Honest and What’s the difference with the Fake?

Hello mate,
Today we’ll discuss the routines many pick-up artists use. You’ve probably heard of it, you may even use some in your game.

Let’s start from the description of this in the pick-up community.

What is this thing called routine?

It’s ready material, typically some sort of line, question and similar thing that when done right, conveys certain qualities in the person that makes it, starts a conversation in a desired way, gives specific hints to a woman and etc. Things of this kind.

One typical example of routine is the old question which a person can use to approach people – “Who lies more, men or women?”, with it’s sequence (almost no matter what they say) “Oh? Because a friend of mine thinks that men lie more but for more little things and women lie …” You get the idea. The conversation goes on.

Or – the cube game which is simple pseudo psychology test which uses symbolic meanings  (i.e. subconscious mind) to “profile the girl”. You ask her to imagine certain things and then she gives you details about these things. Using the details she is giving, you magically reads her traits. It’s pretty fun and fairly inaccurate game in my opinion. I mean most of the conclusions you can give are valid for 90% of the people out there if not even more.

Or this example – assigning roles to the girls in a group “Who is  the wealthiest of you? You? We’re setting the marriage for Monday! But…we need, who is the best cook here? Ok you’ll be our master chef!”.

A lot of gurus don’t like the routines – claim them as fake. I admit, I agree with them – routines may deliver one very strange feeling that gives “fakeness” to the other person. The problem with that is guys tend to learn those almost by heart. And then they shoot them whenever they enter a conversation, like a child told to recite something it leaned the other day. It’s like the person is there, but not there. A slight change in his style might be detected and this slight change isn’t feeling natural to the other person around.

This is one thing. Another is – if it all goes well and the conversation continues what happens when the guy runs out of prepared materials? Most likely drastic change of the dynamics and his style. This leaves very awkward feeling. Showing something and then delivering another different thing.

The word routine itself is something you do repeatedly, as a habit.

Washing your teeth every morning is routine. Putting your belt every time you get in the car is routine. That is ok. That is helpful. Saying same stuff when speaking to different people limits your mind. So do this cautiously.

Routines however have one very good purpose – they can override some inner issues the person is having at that moment. They can start conversation while otherwise it might be difficult for that person. They can keep the attention of someone that otherwise might be difficult for that person and so on. Actually the first I started I used ready materials myself. Using such can have benefits. And in some cases it can “save” a conversation that might be going nowhere.

My advice on this is – if you’re going to use ready routines and lines – pick such that you feel natural to you and your style. Don’t go with something you might never say or do (unless you want to stress yourself on purpose). Then try it in front of  the mirror several times. Is it ok for you? Does your style changes much, like a sales person trying to sell you something? If it feels natural – then you can apply it.

And please don’t get hooked up on it. I had a time where I used routines to my friends. I mean I was so caught in this thing. This wasn’t good, especially in my case it wasn’t my style at all.

Actually the best  thing is that if you’re going to use them at all – check out some, and then make some of your own. They will fit you, they’ll be part of you and they will feel natural to you. Believe me, the difference is noticeable.

If you’ve read this far – I got one very, very good honest approach for you. Next time you feel awkward, run out of conversation, or feel something isn’t right – just share it with the other person (don’t get overboard mushy-mushy emo style, not attractive). For example you go to talk to a girl but suddenly as you approach your mind goes  blank and you say: “Hey, I just came to talk to you but… I forgot what was I about to say.” and you smile and then introduce yourself. Like it’s the most natural thing that can happen (and it is since every person feels this way once in a while).

The other person typically will react positively. There might be occasions where she can try to stomp you “Oh, peace off!” and you feel a little disappointed, then say it “Oh, you looked a lot more friendly initially”.
This honest approach gives the following vibes of you:

  1. you are a person that is pretty comfortable with his feelings. A mature person that knows himself well. You have no problem opening yourself to total strangers;
  2. you are honest person and honesty is very attractive quality for other mature people. Yes, little pain in the butt girls will find you “weak”. But that’s not the point.

As a “side benefit” you’ll learn also to be comfortable with your emotions (again, not some mushy-washy wussy way). This is tough at the start, especially if you’re more introverted person (like me). But once you manage to get a hold of it – a lot of conversations will feel a lot more light and fluent to you. They’ll feel natural.

You won’t need the ready materials that much (or at all)

This inner strength you’ll begin developing will help your progress a lot more. Getting to much used to routines will get you stuck with the progress.

For me – expressing emotions became so much easier this way. A lot less holding of things that I otherwise suppressed in myself. For example I can say no without the fear of offending someone. Before I was too much concerned about offending someone or what he’ll think about me. In short – life became a lot more enjoyable and light.

And for finish let me quote for you David DeAngelo:
If you want a fake woman, them be a fake man. (Edit: David D knows that well, from experience perhaps)

This will be topic to another article. Think about it – a lot of wisdom in that one.