Drive-In Theater | Dating for singles drive-in cinema

Drive-in cinema – where the movie becomes a minor matter In the drive-in movie you drive less of the movie because, but in order to be able to approach undisturbed.

Smooch instead of watching Classic cinema is a popular meeting place for a first date. You do not feel compelled to do small talk, but you can focus on the movie to have a conversation later. Of course you can get closer in the dark. But it lacks the informality. The drive-in cinema is for data rather something for the advanced and cuddly. In cult cinema from the fifties and sixties of the 20th century you are completely alone.

What is shown on the screen is irrelevant, especially since sound and picture quality are not the best anyway. You can talk without disturbing your neighbor. Smokers do not have to pay attention Chip bags can rustle. You can smooch without being watched because the chances of getting the same in the car next door are relatively high. Tips for a romantic visit to the drive-in cinema Drinks and snacks are the best way to get the classic cinema atmosphere into the car.

It is best to stand in the last row. In the so-called “Love Lane” one is most undisturbed.

Rainy weather enhances the romance. If the drops patter on the car roof and the windows fog up eventually, the need for cuddling naturally increases. Anything that goes beyond the kissing violates the good manners and the organizer’s terms of use – at least theoretically.

But one must be completely uninhibited when smooching. Just be careful that you do not accidentally press the horn too often. Car cinemas have become relatively rare compared to previous years and have a slightly disreputable reputation. In Germany, there are only about twenty car cinemas, including in Essen, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin and Aschheim. [embedded content]

How To Flirt With Men Without Appearing Easy

Many women wonder how to flirt with men without looking as if they’re want to get “picked up.” With modern-day beliefs and values this can be hard.

The attitude of some men, who are only looking for a sex partner, can be another problem.

These men are the ones that make flirting difficult because they see any sign of friendliness as an invitation. But don’t be discouraged, there are many men who you can flirt with safely and not seem as if you want a one night stand.

As important as how you flirt is where you flirt.

The places you flirt influence how men perceive your intentions. Flirting with someone when you’re on line at the supermarket or post office, he’ll know you’re not going to hop into bed with him. If you meet an attractive man during your daily errands, you should feel safe trying to flirt with him. He would assume you’re trying to be friendly.When you know how to flirt with men in these places, it allows you to safely meet new men and become comfortable talking to men you don’t know.

But, his view of you can change drastically if you’re in a nightclub or a bar. These are “pick up spots” as far as most men are concerned. This is where they hook up with women. So if you’re flirting with men at these places, you can expect the flirting to get pretty intense, since these men hope you’re looking for more than friendliness. No matter it you try to be subtle you, most of the men you meet at a bar or nightclub will see any flirting as a sign that they should try to make it more than you intended. Knowing how to flirt and how not to flirt in these situations will help you learn how to adapt and change your flirting style as needed.

Obviously, it’s best to start by flirting subtly with people during your daily activities.

Start with a smile. Give a small smile while glancing up at a man, with fixing your eyes on his. This is a sign that you think he’s interesting, that you want to flirt with him. You learn flirting by practicing and honing  your flirting skills, after a while these things become second nature. As you learn how to flirt you want to appear friendly, this is not only the correct way to flirt, it also won’t make you look easy.

A great smile and good sense of humor are the easiest way to look friendly. This is a wonderful combination to practice. Humor is a n excellent way to keep things light, flirting should not be serious. As you learn how to flirt remember to use humor and a smile at every opportunity.

How do you know you’ve mastered the art of flirting, simple, when a man doesn’t return your interest and it doesn’t bother you, then you’ve mastered how to flirt with men.

This is when you’re not trying to flirt, your actions are not a natural part of how you communicate. Men will see that you’re not trying to hit on them, they will intuitively know that this is part of who you are. You know how to flirt and still remain in control, without looking easy.

How to read a woman’s mind? Pandora’s Box system

Have you experienced story like this:
Some of your friends meet up with a girl and on the next day they “seal the deal” so to say. You meet a girl, and after two weeks you barely managed to land a kiss. And in any way you are no less charming than your friend. This can really hurt your ability as a man.

Then why such things happen?

As some guru’s probably won’t tell you, there are things that are not under your control. The personality type of the woman for example. Not knowing how to read woman’s mind so to say might cause such effect. Think about it for a while – is your brother the same as you? How about your cousin? And your friends? Probably not. As most people are motivated and interested in different things, women, similar to this, have different view on the whole dating scene.

If you are interested in personality types you already know how much can people be different. Using the same approach on different women won’t give you the same results for sure. Some will respond very well, other will be neutral, third might even get offended!

However there is way to pinpoint important traits so you know what type of woman is in front of you


This will help you tailor your style to the current woman. Some will think you are very aggressive if you for example try to touch her too soon. Other will find you wussy or probably not interested if you don’t advance on your 2nd date. You can even decide to cut a chase if particular woman is too different from what you need right now.

Pandora’s Box is Vin DiCarlo’s system to quickly find out the personality type of a woman. This is specifically made for dating topic. For example her sexual preferences, her way of seeing her as a part of long term relationship, how she manages boyfriends. Take a minute and read my review of the Pandora’s Box system.

I am very interested in the whole personality types topic and after few months of observing and testing I have to say – Pandora’s Box is quite accurate! It really fills the gap why some interactions go one way and some completely differently.