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Anyone who knows only from chat rooms, letters or flirt lines, will expect the first meeting with great excitement. If the impressions and ideas that have arisen actually coincide with reality, then you have to expect the worst. Meet with the Unknown Blind Date is unlikely to have been encountered in real life.

You just know each other from emails, chats, or maybe you’ve talked on the phone before.

Here is already the first impression, you already know about some preferences of the other, may have already exchanged photos. For the Blind Date, we recommend a neutral place such as a restaurant or even a park that is not too deserted. Since you actually do not know, you agreed before a distinctive sign. It does not have to be the classic flower in the buttonhole or the newspaper under your arm, the distinguishing feature can also be quite funny. The imagination knows no limits.

The pitfalls of Blind Date You really do not know who or what is coming to you. That’s the really exciting thing about this form of clash. Many hopes and expectations are put into it.

The date can be a complete success. If not a love relationship is created, then maybe at least a good friendship. But there can also be nasty surprises when, for example, the supposedly sporty, good-looking man is suddenly neither attractive nor nice.

If one does not like the other from the outset, it is important to keep a cool head and to stop the meeting immediately. It is also advisable not to schedule the dates with unknown persons in your own home. Blind Erotic Many Blind Dates take place with the clear intention of a One Night Stand. However, this intention should be announced on both sides in good time. Otherwise, the disappointment is more than big in the end. Image: © Ron Chapple Studios / ThinkStock [embedded content]

How To End Your Toxic Relationship and Get Back Your Life

Are you in a toxic relationship? Do you want to end it, but not sure how?
Toxic relationship can cause harm to you, physically and emotionally.
Dating is the time when most people put their best foot forward. So if you are seeing the warning signs of a toxic relationship, it’s to end it. Heal. And move on with your life.

Here are some steps to help you recognize and end a toxic relationship:

Recognize there is a problem. It’s easy to overlook the things he does because you’re attracted to him. But if you’re not having your needs met. Not receiving the care and respect that you deserve. Take off the rose-colored glasses and see the situation for what it is. You need to admit that a problem exists before you can solve it.


Does he criticize, complain, drain, shame or blame you for everything that happens in his life. That’s only a few of the warning signs of a toxic relationship. If you see the signs now things are not going to get any better.

Assess the Situation: You need to decide if the positives of your relationship, outweigh the negative. You need to see the true emotional cost of staying in this relationship. If you can’t do that, it’ll be hard to prove to yourself the reason you want to end your relationship.


Talk to him. Be as neutral as you can. Don’t get angry. Don’t cry.Tell him what’s bothering you about his behavior and how it makes you feel. You can ask him to change the behavior if you want to give the relationship a chance. If not, make a clean break.

Separation: Get away. You need to heal. Even a few days in a toxic relationship can cause damage. Find your happiness again. Rebuild your self-esteem. Take time to assess what’s important to you. Build a support network of friends and family. And look at why you accepted this toxic man into your life.

Rules and Limits:

Set clear rules and limits. Set a standard of behavior for yourself and any man you allow into your life. Make a commitment to rebuild your life and end your other toxic relationships. If that means getting professional help or joining a support group, do it. Do whatever you need to make sure that all of your future relationships are healthy.

Zero-Tolerance: In time your rules and limits will become part of your life. Your boundaries will be tested. Have a zero-tolerance policy for toxic people. Never tolerate situations where your self-esteem and self-worth are trudged upon by anyone. Always be on the lookout for these negative people and be ready to remove them from your life as soon as you can.
Following these steps will allow you to end your toxic relationship. Regain your life.

And be ready for making healthy relationship choices.

Psychologist Dr. Lillian Glass, author of “Toxic People,” says you are in a toxic relationship if you feel dragged down, angry, worn out, deflated, belittled or confused when interacting with a person. A healthy relationship, conversely, makes you feel energized, powerful and good about yourself.

Which one do you want? photo courtesy of tibchris From Mr. Wrong to Mr. Right

Stop getting involved with the wrong men and attract the man of your dreams!

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How women preferences change with time and Why this happens

Do you remember one of your first crushes on a girl way back? Probably early in school or even before that? If this was a person you lost touch with for few years and then met again the chances are you were no longer that keen on her anymore. She might not be that fun, attractive, bright she was before. (Ok, she might be even more than before, but bear with me in this one).

I’ve had few such experiences in my life. Had a crush on particular girl, lost touch for few years, then we met again and it wasn’t the same at all. Back then I wasn’t thinking about that topic and the reasons. However recently the question “why” was knocking on my head.

Why is that certain women are no longer that attractive (in all aspects) to a person, but before there were … how they say it – “the sh*t”?

I’ll go on a little bit scientific point of view here

With the growth of a person (intellectually, physically, emotionally and even spiritually) his needs also change. Those needs do cover his choice of women. So when you gain wisdom and experience in life – it is very normal for you to change your preferences in women. You might need someone more mature emotionally, more self dependant, or more passionate. Even more physically attractive (biological preferences begin kicking in … you know – babies).
That said, someone you knew before might not match your new criteria anymore. And the opposite – someone who you knew but never was in your scope of interest now might catch your attention.

Most people change with time, so it’s normal their needs to change, thus relationships end and start.
Usually if two people live together they grow with similar pace. However of one begins to stay back at some level (for any reason), while the other goes up – it’s very possible that they will no longer be happy together. The one that doesn’t want to grow (or can’t) will draw the other one back. He might also even thing that the growing one is losing his mind. At this point a relationship usually ends being beneficial, starts being a chore (and usually ends).

This whole thing went to my mind by observing people that I know and that they always end up attracting the same type of people. It was curious case for me and then I remembered this saying:

“If what you’re doing isn’t getting you the results you want, it’s time to change what you’re doing”.
Or in that context – the current growth (on all levels) on that person is attracting (and is attracted to) specific type. Unless the person grows (or makes some kind of change in his behavior) it’s unlikely to change the outcome.
I know this is not the only factor of preferences and success of the relationships between people, however it takes rather big role (and make sense).

Do you have similar experiences?