How To Tell If a Guy Is Single

It’s quite difficult to determine if a guy is single or in a relationship. We can’t deny that many men who are committed pretty much act as if they are single. Well, aside from the obvious wedding ring, of course. So, have you ever been interested to a guy without knowing whether he’s single and you don’t know how to ask him without being really obvious?

Just ask!

After asking several guys, I noticed that it’s actually more on how you deliver or ask questions. Don’t settle for the most obvious questions such as “Do you have a girlfriend?” Instead, ask questions like “What do you do in your free time?” or “How was your weekend?” The key is to listen to his answer. That way you would be able to access the situation by identifying some hints if he’s committed or not. If he seems more reserved then he may be in a relationship. Body gestures are classic examples of a guy that is trying to lie but just can’t.

Watch what he’s watching. If he seems uncomfortable being around with you or conscious, that could be your hint. Sometimes you have to trust your intuition and your gut. Ask him things that a single man should know. Simple questions do the trick! Or read his gestures like if he always wants to meet at your place and he never wants to meet around where he lives for fear that he might be seen.

Find out more about the guy and figure out who he hangs out with. Perhaps the best way is to ask his friend/s if the man is single or not. It’s not the most clandestine way of figuring it out, but it saves you a lot of time wondering. Remember, don’t settle for anything less and love yourself properly by knowing how you should be treated. You deserve the real thing because you are worth it. Good luck!