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This is how the man stays – The most important relationship tips Men want to be needed, but also value independence and their personal freedom. Relationship Tips for a Working Partnership The times when gender-specific roles have been assigned are over. Today, both men and women are both-legged and true to their own interests. Relationships are a mutual give and take, they live on the freedom one grants to one’s partner and at the same time signals full trust. You do not have to do everything together to live together.

Freiraum is just as important as the shared cuddle time. Trust is the cornerstone of a relationship. Men like to go out on their own and want to have time for their hobbies and friends. Anyone who tries to cling to a man, puts pressure on him or even spies on him seriously jeopardizes the relationship.

Disputes Anyone who claims that a harmonious relationship can manage without arguments is wrong. In every well-functioning partnership, there are occasional differences of opinion. Popular topics are the household, money or of course jealousy. It is important that they talk about it in peace, that everyone can contribute their wishes and ideas. One should never overwhelm each other with reproaches, but prefer to exercise constructive criticism.

Also, you must not wait too long, if you realize that something is wrong in the relationship.

Anyone who carries his anger around for a long time and swallows it, will sooner or later vent his frustration in a loud argument, where it may then say things that will later be regretted. Sex as a topic of discussion To a good relationship of course also includes sex. What is too much for one is often not enough for the other. Some partners also complain about monotony, but do not dare to voice their wishes. Only honest pronunciation helps here.