Dating Your Spouse Dating can be a wonderful time in one’s life.

It gets really fun when you find someone you want to take out again and again.   When you start thinking about how wonderful life would be if you and she were to make a life together, you know something is good.   So, let’s say that you convinced this woman to marry you.   Further, you begin your life together.   Certain aspects of life become routine…comfortable.   One day, a coworker asks, «Where do you take your wife?»  Confused, you reply, «What do you mean?   On a date?   She’s my WIFE!   We don’t have to date anymore.»  Boy, are you wrong.   But, how does one go about the business of dating your spouse?

Probably after a couple of years of developing a rhythm in your relationship, dates become less frequent.   The comfort of familiarity can be soothing.   You get up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch television, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day.   A day off from work is a natural time for household chores such as laundry, lawn maintenance, scrubbing the bathroom, etc.   As a good couple, the chores as appropriately split up.   It is all so comfortable.   It really doesn’t take that long for the comfort of routine to become the expected.   It is around this time that romance significantly fades.

Do you remember when you first went out with her?

It was exciting.   It was nice to have the attention of someone that you liked.   There was a sense of adventure and exploration.   You probably went to some places you had never been before.   You talked about things you have never discussed before.   Life was full of possibilities.   When the routine of life happens, the luster can begin to fade.   A very conscious effort has to happen to restore the excitement of life and romance.   So, what do you do to start dating your spouse again?

As you can see, there is routine in life.   It can be a good thing in most instances.   But, it is also very boring.   You may know your spouse well.   You may think you will have nothing to talk about if you take her out on a date.   If that is the case, you need this date more than you realize.

Surprise her.   Make reservations at a restaurant.   Be cliché and go to a movie after that.   Consider doing things you have never done.   If you have never seen a play, go to one!   Not every date needs involve spending money.   Take a picnic to a park where you can walk hand in hand, watch children play on the playground, enjoy the sunshine without the distraction of television or laundry.   If you live near a beach, take a stroll on the sand around sunset.

When was the last time you sent flowers, for no reason?

  Call her, just to hear her voice.   Think back to all the silly things you did and said when you first dated.   It is necessary to keep doing this after you get married.   Getting married is not the end goal, guys.   The real goal is to get through life.   The day you get married is a really great day.   But, that is what it is, one day.   Now you have the rest of your life to keep the woman of your choice.   The day you got married was simply a legal union.

The relationship blossomed before that.   And it is a relationship that needs to be continually fed.   So, dating your spouse is simple.   Just do what you did to start the relationship to begin with.   But, you must do it on purpose.   The rewards are a wonderful and close relationship with the one you chose!