Dirty Talking Tips For Men Dirty Talk Can Get Her in The Mood AND Get Her To Orgasm

Dirty talk is a huge part of sex, and if you know how to use it properly, you can make the sex that much more passionate and exciting for your woman. It can enhance your relationship or marriage.

Dirty talk can be a huge turn on for a woman if used in the right way and to be honest, it depends on the woman what kind of dirty talk you engage in.
If you use your dirty talk in the wrong way – and come off sounding cheesy – then you will turn a woman off. You do not want this to happen if it’s your first time in bed because that will be the memory they attach to sex with you.

And you do not want to be cheesy later on in the sex life because it’s hard enough to get sex sometimes – and you want to make it fun and passionate when you do.

There are some general rules that apply to dirty talk. Following are some tips for both softcore and hardcore dirty talking.

Softcore Dirty Talk Tips

Softcore dirty talk should be saved for pre-sex for the most part. It is a special kind of talk that can be done during your day or in the short time before sex occurs.

You can use softcore dirty talk to see if your woman is in the mood. Chances are a little playful talking will not turn her off (or possibly turn her on). But if you get to dirty then you can turn her off completely.
Building women up to sex is a process. They have to be thinking about sex first AND have their body wanting sex, before they actually are ‘in the mood’.

Soft core dirty talk can also be used in public where you don’t want other people to catch words that – well, are not necessarily appropriate in public.
Of course soft core dirty talk can also be used to flirt with, and tempt a woman, by implying certain things without actually saying them.

Examples of soft core dirty talk are things that refer to sex without actually saying it. Like referring to how much you like to lick…this ice cream. They should be things that get her thinking about what you do to her in bed.
You may mention that you are having a ‘hard’ time looking at her or that your lips are dying to taste something sweet. Anything that makes mention of, or relates to, using a body part for sexual pleasure is considered soft core communication.

Of course you can also imply it by licking your lips, giving her a sexy smile, or even just giving her a turned on look. All of that may not be verbal talking but non-verbal talking sends the message across just as well.

Hardcore Dirty Talk Tips

This is the nitty gritty of sexual passion. This is when you are both turned on and you want to take it to another level. Hardcore dirty talk show how passionate your are for her, and how immediate your desire for her is, and it should be used during sexual foreplay or intercourse.

Most women don’t want to hear about your ‘cucumber’ when in the heat of the moment. They want to outright hear about your cock. If you do use the word cucumber you risk turning her off in the moment and you may seem as though you are scared to let it all out and get wild in bed.

There are however a small percentage of women that will not like the hardcore dirty talk and feel uncomfortable when you use it, but this is a very small percentage.

If she does feel that way then use a type of direct talk like «I can’t wait to have sex with you!» instead of «I can’t wait to stick my cock inside your wet pussy!». This will work better for her and still turn her on while not freaking her out.

But for the most part women will like the hardcore dirty talk when they are turned on or in the heat of passion, and it will only heighten how turned on and excited they can get. Get as dirty as you can!

Non verbal communication applies here as well to get your point across. Intense looks of passion and a rough touch instead of tender one will show that you mean business and it will get the hardcore point across. Spanking and hair pulling can also take the place of hardcore dirty talk and can send the message you want to send.