First Move Tips To Get His Attention

You may be thinking why would I want to make the first move, isn’t that a man’s job? The simple answer is no it’s not a man’s job.

The longer answer is yes men are the ones who should typically make the first move because it allows them to feel like they are the ones in pursuit of a woman – but that doesn’t mean WOMEN can not make the first move to get him to pursue her!

In fact, most of the time it is a woman who gives a man the ‘okay signal’ for him to move in. He doesn’t realize it, but the woman is the one who actually made the first move. The things you do may be so subtle that he doesn’t consider them the first move, but they are without a doubt the reason he moves in. So if you are more conscious of what you are doing to send that signal then you can literally make the first move without him knowing that it was you who actually got the ball rolling.

Another reason you don’t want to leave it solely to the man is because you may miss your opportunity with him if you wait to long. Sometimes a guy will not approach you out of fear of embarrassment or just not knowing how to do it. This could result in a bolder woman moving in for the kill before he has a chance to work up the courage to approach you – and he may like the new woman so much that he forgets all about you. So get ahead of other women and move in for the kill by using these simple first move techniques!

1. Use Your Smile

A smile conveys your interest very subtly and it also shows you are an approachable woman.   In fact, sometimes a man will not notice you until you smile – your smile is that powerful. A smile can be enough to cause attraction if you do it right. So make sure you catch him at a moment he is looking your way and give him your warmest smile that you can.

2. Shoot Him a Look

Eye contact is crucial when it comes to making a subtle first move. If you avoid eye contact with him to play shy or hard to get he may just think you are not interested in him and move on. Eye contact is a way of saying «Hey, I notice you!» and that’s exactly what you want to say to him so he can approach you knowing that he is already on your radar. So catch his gaze and lock eyes for a quick moment and then look away. Don’t stare too long though or it may get uncomfortable!

3. Get Physical

Sometimes he may be so involved in what he’s doing he doesn’t notice your gaze or smile. This is where you have to step up and make the first move to get his attention, and what better way to do that then breaking his attention with physical contact?

Brush up against him while you walk by, or put your hand on his back when trying to get passed him. I guarantee he will notice the touch and you will be able to follow it up with your smile or eye contact if you wish! This is a triple wammy of first moves and the message should be loud and clear that you are interested.

4. Say Hello

This is a great way to get his attention and show him he is on your radar. Just a quick hello with a smile will do. If he didn’t notice you before he will now because most people don’t take the time to say hello to complete strangers. In fact, we tend to walk past tons of strangers in a day that don’t even make it on our radar at all. So the simple fact that you took notice of HIM will get him curious about YOU!

5. Ask For His Help

If you want to take it a step further past hello then ask for his help with something. Guys will always be willing to help you as the enjoy helping out a woman. It can be something pretty simple too!

For example if you are at the grocery store and you spot a guy of interest then ask him if he could reach something for you on the top shelf. If he starts talking to you out of interest after your request he will feel as though he is making the first move – even though you know better.

All 5 of these first moves will get his attention and possibly his attraction. And like I said the beauty of it is if he follows up any of these moves with contact or conversation then he will feel like HE made the first move. So don’t let another guy slip through your fingers. Be subtle, but go in for the kill before another woman does!