Follow These 3 Tips to Succeed on The First Date!

First Date Tips To Live By!

If You Want a Second Date

Your first date can make or break the rest of your relationship with the person you like. If you screw up the first date you may never get a second date – or even a phone call again!

3 Tips to Help Your First Date Succeed

1. Don’t Lie About Who You Are

You may not think that you are good enough in your dates eyes so you tell them that you do something you don’t, are someone you aren’t, or will be someone you won’t be. Essentially, you lie about who you are. Even if you think that your lie is a small like and it won’t have ramifications, you are wrong.

Chances are your date will sense that you are lying on some level. Your body language will give them clues that something is off about you, and if something is off about you on the first date then why would they want s second date?

Don’t risk failure on the first date because you are trying to be someone you are not. That’s silly. Either they like you for who you are or they don’t. And if they don’t like you for who you are then at least you will know that before you make another date with them!

2.  Don’t Get Too Serious

Your first date may feel like the beginning of the rest of your life together, but if you show your date that you feel that way then you may scare them away very quickly.

When you get too serious you appear needy, desperate, and clingy – and who is going to want to date someone who is one of those things? No one!
So instead of talking about where you two should spend Christmas together, try talking about your life as an individual. Your first date is about getting to know each other, not planning your second date.

3. Don’t Shock Your Date!

I was watching a show the other day about virgins trying to get laid (yes, there is a reality show about that) and they were too honest about their lives – WAY too honest. One guy was on a date with a girl and she was having a pretty good time until he laid out the virgin card. Needless to say he didn’t get a second date. If he had only waited a few more dates to tell her that then I think she may have overlooked that serious fact.

On a first date you don’t want to say something that they don’t really need to know yet. Keep the conversation about things that you want them to know about yourself and your life, but don’t get too personal – It’s only your first date!

4. Don’t Tell Them Your Life Story

Just as you don’t want to shock them with an interesting fact about you, you also don’t want to tell them everything and leave nothing for future dates. You want to create a bit of mystery about who you are and what your life entails.

Think of it this way, if they find out one interesting fact about you today, and one tomorrow, and one the next day – and son on and so forth, then they will always be intrigued by you and wonder what else they don’t know about you yet.

But if you blab everything about yourself on the first date then they have nothing left to learn about you. You won’t be someone they want to learn more about because they will know everything about you!

So keep some of your cards close to you and don’t lay it all out on the line!
Remember these 3 important first date rules and your chances of a second date will skyrocket!