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Ever heard the expression that your behavior strongly signifies what you are feeling inside?

It’s all about body language and what you are portraying to the world that really sends the message about how you REALLY fee inside.

So if you are trying to get women or impress women then you have to be aware of what you are displaying to women through your body language and actions.

Essentially if you act stupid then the girls are going to think you are stupid. So if you don’t want girls to think that you are stupid then act smart. It’s a very simple concept actually, but ignored by many guys (and women) when trying to impress someone.

So how do you make sure you are sending the message you want with your body language?

1. Make Sure Your Feelings are Aligned With What You Want To Portray To The World

This means that if you want the world to see you as a happy and intelectual guy then feel happy and intelectual.

If you want women to see you as a sex god who can take care of their every need then feel confident around, and with, women.

Whatever you feel inside will naturally express itself on the outside. So you have to feel the emotions you want to portray if you are going to come across as naturally being that guy.

2. Keep Your Body Language in Check

I used to get accused of frowing when I was actually smiling. This shocked me when I was accused, but when I finally looked in the mirror I realized that my face actually did look like a frown when I was smiling!
You have to be aware of what you look like to other people and the best way to do that is to look at yourself!

Stand in front of a mirror and naturally make expressions that you would make while talking, walking, standing, thinking, and genereally doing anything. Check and see if your body language actually expresses what you are feeling, and if it doesn’t then fix it.

You may be sending off a message to that girl you like that you think she’s ugly when you are really trying to make her think she’s hot. Sometimes a simple change in body langauge can do that. Check your facial expressions, hand gestures, stance, eye contact, and everything else that you notice

3. Take Feedback and Use It.

If a girl tells you that you are a jerk, and you didn’t try to portray a jerk, then ask her why she thinks that. If she tells you that you gave her a dirty look or made a rude gesture don’t argue with her. Instead take her for her word and work on that particular look or gesture.

Feedback from women (and everyone else) should be taken as a way to improve youself and the message you ar sending the world. It’s valuable. So don’t let your ego or pride get in the way of learning something form it.

Always make sure to keep your body language lined up with your feelings – and maybe even to hide your feelings sometimes – and your chances of getting women will increase.

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