Insider Internet Dating short review

Today we’re going to check out the Insider Internet Dating from Dave M. It’s about getting you successful in the online dating sites.

The program itself is a online site with audio and video courses. Once you get access you are able to watch, listen and download the files as you prefer.

The information in the course is presented in short parts (audio or video) which provides easy navigation. Jump in the section or module and you’ll quickly find the desired info.

When you log in, you’ll immediately see the welcome message and the menu. From here you can go to your desired spot. My recommendation is to scroll down and check out the JUMPSTAR2T. After that you can go into each individual module for more detailed information.

The program also comes with a bunch of bonuses by other gurus which you’ll be able to download as soon as you get access. My honest opinion is that some of them are quite good while others are a bit of waste. You can find few golden nuggets there.

You’ll also receive 12 reports on various situations related to the Insider Internet Dating. They are based on weekly basis.

On the top of that, again, each week you’ll receive “surprise” bonus that focuses on a specific situation you may encounter during your experience in the online dating world. Such situations are common things and it can get you stuck if you’re not prepared.

My overall experience with the course is positive. It might not be the panacea that will dominate every dating site out there as Dave claims, yet it’s really effective. Dave made the whole thing with scientific approach. The only part I don’t like is faking “in demand”. You can alter that without making phoney moves. Overall it gives you very solid learning experience with swift guidance. My online dating skills (messages and profile making) improved significantly after applying the steps. It’s like learning a new skill from a coach rather than doing it on your own.


Come here to check the Insider Internet Dating. You’ll watch a video of Dave presenting the program. If you want to skip the video, simply close the window and then select “stay” in the pop-up.
Note! Dave will offer you some additional products as an “up-sale” when you purchase the course. Keep that in mind.
Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. Meaning that if you like the product and buy it, it’s most likely that I’ll get a commission. Cards are down.