Is College Dating Good And How To Learn From It?

Dating in college is one of those topics that involves people a lot and at the same time very little of them actually think about this. It’s not them to blame – no one actually gave any hints to the guys in that place.
College can be very good source of experience in dating. A lot of people begin serious dating during that time of their lives. And such experience can really give you direction on what type of women (or guys, considering you’re a woman) and what type of relationship suits you best.

Not only that

It can also give you foundation of core skills (flirting, responsibility, feeling calm around hot people that you dig and so on) in that field, no matter the goal you seek. And if you have your awareness turned on – you’ll certainly learn.

I did the mistake to be totally asocial during my college years, isolating myself from lot of people and of course, reducing my dating to zero. So, if you read this and are heading on similar path, please do something to cut it (like downloading the started advice from my page)! Otherwise it won’t help in the future.

Here is interesting article on the College dating topic

It is very general and can give you hints on fields that you didn’t think about at this point. On some points I have another opinion, but before that go and read it.
Finished? No really, there are very good points of view inside.

Here is my opinion on two points, a little different on that matter:
I don’t advise you to get married in college. Although you might think this is the perfect girl/boy for you, later in life you will certainly meet someone with who it will be just “instant click”. You both will be mature and have experience which you didn’t have at the college point.

For me College isn’t definitely the best years of my life, for the reasons you read above. However I am certain that even you have awesome time during that time, you can continue having similar experiences by power your whole life! Do not limit yourself to college.

So if you are in college – use this time best of your abilities. If you already graduated and didn’t (like me), it is never late to improve yourself in this field!