Scarcity mindset vs abundance mindset

The potatoes price example
“The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.”
When I was little I believed in the existing of some sort of supernatural balance. I was convinced that for example a person can’t be both smart and good looking. That you can’t have all. People around me actually supported that concept. Another example – if someone have money, then he was doing something illegal. Very limiting mindset.

A lot of years later things seemed different. Again I saw balance, it just wasn’t supernatural. Again I saw you can’t have all, you just could have what you wanted. People just love to create excuses to make themselves feel justified. Don’t blame anyone, it’s just how the mind works.

Before getting really out of  topic –  Carlos Xuma by his newsletter reminded me one very good concept – the abundance and scarcity mindsets.

Basically it works like this – if you have PLENTY of something, that thing will have less value for you rather than if you had FEW or NONE of it. We’re talking of something of prime need. Let’s take food for example.

If you have plenty of food, a lot more that you can eat, you will put the rest of it aside because you won’t need food right now. If you had no food, you would starve thus you would looking to get more food.

Another story from economics (I remember this as real life example). Imagine a village which primary food source is from buying potatoes. Now imagine if they see in the news that the prices of potatoes will go up. They’ll stock the hell out of potatoes before the price rises.

So we can conclude, the less a person is having but needing the more desperate he will become to have.

The same is with women. The more you don’t have, the more you are in need. The more you have and the more you could have (i.e. able to attract) the less you are in need. And to bring that to a new level – the more you are in need – the more desperate you are. This hits your inner game. Your inner game hits your everything in the related topic which in this case is attracting women. If you are calm everything works like a charm – from martial arts to cooking, writing blog posts, to creating attraction with women.

When you are not wasting focus on something

that was an issue before, you now have more emotional energy available to focus elsewhere and pursuit your goals. This makes you even more happy and even more attractive to others.

Yet abundance mindset is only truly in effect when you have facts that confirm it or in our case – positive results. Even if you force the mindset that you live in abundance when you don’t, it will only go so far since there will be nothing to support it. So the basic concept here is – practice and again practice. And knowing how this concept and your mind works will help you.

Also another way to ‘close the gap’ is to really think of why do you need women? Because I’ve found out that many guys want women just to have, no deeper particular reason. When you ask the questions and are aware why you need them, this need will reduce in size.