Simple Acts to Make Your Girl Feel Special!

Seeing your girlfriend smile is one of the most beautiful things you could see in this world. It makes you fall in love with her over and over again, and moments later, you also catch yourself smiling. Making her smile doesn’t require you to buy 50 karat diamond rings or expensive trips to the Maldives. Just simple acts expressing your love for her would be enough to make her feel special.

Surprise Her with Little Gifts!

Giving her something special doesn’t require you to rack your brains out trying to think of something romantic. As it goes, it’s the thought that counts! For example, you’re at the grocery store picking up your weekly supply of beer and came across a book she was meaning to buy, it wouldn’t hurt to buy it for her. She would surely appreciate your thought about remembering something she wanted.

Or if you were to pass by some flowers on an ordinary day, it would surely make her day better knowing that there is still a romantic guy in you, WOW Date recently done a survey and found out that 93% of women in the UK, prefer surprises, so guys remember that.

Help Her!

We don’t mean an extravagant act like paint her house or pay off her mortgage. Like we’ve said, it’s best to keep it simple. Take the dog for a walk, vacuum the house, wash the dishes or organize her CD collection- all of it won’t take you more than 15 minutes. Coming home from work and knowing that the dog was walked or the dishes were done would give her a sigh of relief. You’ll also show that you’re not just some stuck up couch potato. Those extra moments she just freed up can now be spent on hanging out with you. Or even on making sweet love.

Let Her Help You! Girls love to help too!

And she would appreciate it if you would let her help you. Again, we’re not talking about exhausting activities she can partake it. Whether you’re washing your car or watering the garden, girls love to help you out simply because they want to spend more time with you. At times, they will also do something nice for you. Don’t stop her because she wants to do it. And if you’re feeling lucky, you can drop hints like how much you want to sort out your socks but haven’t got time to do it.

Appreciate Her Help!

A simple “Thank you” or “I appreciate it” goes a long way, even in relationships. Guys take for granted the things girls do, often times forgetting to acknowledge it.

Always keep in mind that your partner exerts efforts in doing things that she expects you to love. Even if she did something that was underachieved or wasn’t really necessary, she wanted to help, and the best thing you could do is thank her. Imagine yourself doing something for her and all you got was a complaint rather than thanks. That road definitely leads to a fight.

Be Proud of Her!

Flaunt her off! Show her off to your friends and make them jealous about the gorgeous woman together with a beautiful relationship you have. Don’t treat her as a trophy wife, though. Instead, tell people how amazing she is and make sure that she hears it. It definitely boosts her confidence and would make her happy knowing that YOU are happy with her.